A Nation Fashioned in Peace: Within Observations!

We are facing 50 years of independence and there is one question that cannot give us peace. It lurks at the front and back of our minds. What have we done or rather what have we not done to be better? What we have done or not done was shaped by the choices made or not made. Then in trying to seek solace we look in different places and times to justify the answers.
We look at colonialism and throw stones at the white man, should we? We look at post-colonialism we throw even bigger stones at the white man. Should we? Now we are facing 50 years on “our own”, so who do we throw stones at? I backtrack to 200 years, because I seek for understanding in context. I look for factual and spiritual narratives that made;

King Moshoeshoe’s project called Basotho: A Nation Building project “fashioned” in peace.

King Moshoeshoe
King Moshoeshoe I

Yes, we are a project sometimes with great outcomes and most times with cringing unexpected outcomes to date. On a daily basis, annual, 5 year or 20 year basis we look back to many moments most questionable and unsettling and some joyful to bring a smile, a dance; hip hop if you can, rhythmic stomping of mohobelo, sensual gyration of litolobonya and mokhibo, a piercing ululation and lithoko; a praise to Balimo, Khomo, God and Allah! We are content and proud of ourselves.

Have these instalments of short lived joyousness answered all the questions? Not by far! Again we look back yet gain beyond daily, annual, 5 or 20 years. We believe there might be answers there beyond post colonialism/protectionism and go right to the beginning. 200 years ago. “How did we come to be”? We ask.

Indeed there are answers based on two choices. Considerations were made by the great founder himself, he had to. In leadership, tall mutually shared calls, nut and bolt one as a leader.

The first choice was to stay internal to protect the young nation from negative external forces and influences as his “sister”, prophet, healer and her maternal instincts; Mantsopa  strongly advised him, to preserve peace, security and nation building for the young nation. The second choice mentored by Ngaka e Kholo Mohlomi;was to open up and be comfortable in being vulnerable by making friends from outside, whom he strongly believed were strategically needed in his efforts to provide peace and security for nation building.

He explored and exploited possibilities and opportunities that would guarantee peace, security and the process of nation building. An obvious need by all for all who would become what we see as Basotho today. This was a mutually founded concession, by all for all. Nation Building is not easy and without experience, it must have been daunting, but he had support by all. So his actions were just a deliverance of the people’s voice.

Nonetheless, he was wise enough to allow himself to be mentored by an equally great mind like that of Mantsopa; Mohlomi. Coupled with that, listenership to the kaleidoscope of clans he had brought together took him a long way. Notwithstanding, the beginning of the process for nation building was in its nascent stage.

He still needed a strategy for sustainable peace, security and development. First he transformed the security sector for human security, peace and development. Parallel to that he developed a foreign policy, with diplomatic nuances to advance his economic strategy. His sole goal was PEACEFUL NATION BUILDING and human security of the figment of what we are today.

Kalosi Ramakhula in his film “Moshoeshoe the Mountain King” provides a forward thinking architecture of the security sector, diplomatic and economic advancement by the King. Thaba-Bosiu remains a sacred place where all these historic achievements were negotiated and settled.

And we dance; hip hop if you can, rhythmic stomping of mohobelo, sensual gyration of litolobonya and mokhibo, lithoko and a piercing ululation; a praise to Balimo, Khomo, God and Allah! We are content and proud of ourselves. Or are we?

To be continued.
Leseli! Khanya! ka mphonyana, keketso le thato ea Molimo ho rona…

By mpholetima