Programmes & Causes


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1.Leadership: Systems Innovation and Social Justice

  • Governance & Social Accountability
  • Gender, Youth, Peacebuilding & Leadership
  • Gender, Youth and Health
  • Menologues: Men and Gender

2. Innovation Science Technology Entrepreneurship Arts & Media: I-STEAM  &    EdTech

  • EdTech (Coding, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence,Computer Science)
  • Design Thinking ICT, E-Commerce & FinTech
  • Social and Creative Cultural Entrepreneurship Against Women & Youth  Unemployment
  • Climate Action

3.Research Advocacy & Policy: RAP

  • National, Regional and Global Policies: Sustainable Development Goals 2030
  • Africa we want: Africa Union Agenda 2063
  • Evidence-Based Programming: Data and Publications


Flagship Platforms For Sustainable Development

A) GEM Talks

  1. Menologues and Leadership: Gendered Platforms and Community Engagement (UNSR 1325&2250)- SRHR and SGVB
  2. SWIFT-Codes & STEAM: Sisters Working in Fashion, Film, Farming, Technology and Codes to encourage cultural, social entrepreneurship (UNESCO Conventions: 1970, 2003 and 2005 & UNSR 2250)
  3. RAP for Social Accountability: Building Strong Stories to disrupt inequality
  4. Events and Publications
  5. Sustainable Development Goals: 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,13,16,17 in the next 15 years

B) Passion Causes: Inequality, Human Rights, Leadership, Peace and Security, Technology and Creative Industries

  1. Heritage, Culture, Innovation and Creative Industries
  2. New Media and Technology4Develompent
  3. Social, Cultural, Economic  Conciliation and Conflict Transformation with a focus on gender and youth inequalities

SWIFT-CODES|Girls Coding Clubs| SocioCultural Entrepreneurship & Technology


  1. Start-Up Incubation for Youth and Women
  2. Resource Mobilisation
  3. Custom Ecosystem and Scaling Development
  4. Creative Industry Production and Product Development (Film, Fashion and Foodstuffs)
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Website Development
  7. Evaluation, Monitoring and Research
  8. Programme Development
  9. Policy Analysis
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