12928390_10207747383221647_2798744309019230785_n Walking through a parking lot after a mini retail therapy, Zara catches my eye because she is just standing there looking at me and she hands me this! I look around to make sure I do not look like I am stealing flowers from a child. Zara is about 4/5. We do not know each other.

Zara’s mother turns around, sees us and walks back to see what is happening. She sees Zara offering me the flowers and frowns a bit. “Do you want to give her the flowers?” She asks. Zara nods her head and places them in my hand. All through the mother’s intervention me and Zara are looking at each other. She, in her cute white short jump suit. Two buns of thick long African hair on each side of her head, smooth skin and a perfect set of teeth, with the most amazing wide set eyes, gracing her oval pretty face. 12928390_10207747383221647_2798744309019230785_n

I am suddenly overcome with emotion, bended down and reached out to hug her and thank her. I then realised,maybe hugging is a bit showy. “What’s your name I ask”? “Zara” she said. Her name was much more beautiful than the sorry hug I nearly gave. I bended down further, looked her straight in the eye. “Thank you Zara, these are beautiful!” Choked with emotion I stand up, look at the mother and she says, ” I do not know why she did that, she just got them over there” she points to a flower bush nearby. I nod, smile and she is smiling too. I thank her,told Zara she is beautiful. She smiles. We all smile and part ways.12928390_10207747383221647_2798744309019230785_n

A few minutes later I go through the gate of where I live. I cut some part of this and give it to the security guy at the gate. He beams! “Hey I got flowers, she gave me flowers”! He shouts over to his counterpart across the street at another gate. His friend smiles and waves excitedly! Zara gave 4 adults smiles this evening. All strangers, but they shared something humane and wonderful. Why should I take a picture of obviously wilting flowers because the rains are holding back? Zara saw something beautiful with these flowers shared them to spread a smile. The most beautiful flowers I have receieved. May I share with you my joy today. To ZARA WITH LOVE12928390_10207747383221647_2798744309019230785_n