Pessimism and cynicism are the lenses preferred to look to our women. Or black people because in all fairness. When development breaks take place in technology, stock markets and better social innovation for human life. A Woman is not the first thing that pops to mind. Women catch up to be part of.

Lately there is a surge of young women intent on making their mark in the space of social innovation. They are fearless in challenging the status quo. The likes of Bare E ne re, a story telling and educational platforms that pushes the imagination of Basotho through generations.

Stories once upon a time by the fire have taken a sharp turn as a writivism movement across Lesotho. Story telling by Bare is now swag, hip and the it of sharing stories of struggle  in the era of youth bulge and unemployment, the stories of perpetual inequality of gender and economy.  Classicism and intense intolerance of race, age and gender.

The brevity of the new age breasted ( Khofu tse matsoele) as one infamous Lesotho leader would attest amidst ululations. Be aware they have not changed form, they are still breasted but fearless, gogetters, competitive with a cutthroat, edgy and innovative social solutions ever imaginable. Their silence does not mean they are not there.