About Us!

Flagships: SWIFT Codes Initiatives

  1. Ed Tech: eSkills4Girls and Equal Digital Skills for Africa Code Week
  2. Technology Integration in the Enterprise of Innovation & Creativity: Fashion Film and Technology
  3. Community Development and Livelihoods (Agriculture)
  4. Mentorship

Our Mission
We are a community based social enterprise NGO & innovation impact hub in partnership with youth and women interrogating policy through research, promoting advocacy for active civic engagement, innovation through creativity, technological adaptation: incubation, acceleration and financing of social & cultural enterprises to break the cycle of inequality and unemployment building peaceful communities.

Vision:We aspire to build innovative social entreprenuership centres of exellence for peacebuilding  and disruption of inequality.

The Challenge
Marginalized communities are capable:  The challenge for us is to do our best to contribute to for these communities to reach their full potential through effective use of their skills and resources to address information barriers, socioeconomic inequalities peacebuilding and dignified human development.

Our Approach: Integrating innovation, technology, media and creative livelihoods inspiring youth and women to grow beyond imagination.

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